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The smartwatch for outdoor play

Wanderwatch is the ideal combination of fun for kids and a sense of safety for parents.

Kids will want to wear Wanderwatch every day!

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COMPLETE - All features you would expect

Find your kid via GPS on your phone, see pictures taken by your child with the watch, you can chat with your child. Your child can become a knight or a pirate with amazing sounds. Did we mention the included awesome games?

Find the magic beacon with your Wanderwatch

FUN - Interactive fun outdoors

Go on a treasure hunt or find the flag with the connected toys like the magic beacon. The magic beacon is a little blue device that connects via bluetooth to the watch. It is small, so it can be hidden anywhere easily and searched for using the watch. This allows kids to strengthen their spatial thinking skills in a search game

The GPS tracker of the Wanderwatch shows the location of your child on your own smartphone

SAFE - Keep in touch with your child

Send a “come home” request to your kid where ever it is. See where your children are on a map. Wanderwatch provides you peace of mind. Just a quick check allows you to see if your child has arrived safely at school. 

And if something really goes wrong, your child can alert you by pressing the emergency button.

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Getting kids outside by introducing another screen? Absolutely!

We have designed Wanderwatch - Smartwatch for outdoor play that makes children want to go outdoors again. Packed with features like chat, a camera, and games that trigger imagination, like treasure hunt or a fun sound effects app, Wanderwatch makes any street or park fun to play in.

An app allows parents to securely communicate with their kids and to know where they are.

Outdoor play is essential for childhood development

And fun too! Kids won't remember their best day of television

Wanderwatch wants to get kids off the couch and back outdoors

Unglue kids from the sofa

Recent studies show that children should spend at least 3 hours per day outside. Is your kid doing well? Most kids think outdoor play is boring. Wanderwatch will make it more fun

Wanderwatch is a 100% safe smartwatch

Why Wanderwatch is 100% secure

A smartwatch for kids must be secure. It was in the news recently that many cheaper smartwatches are unsafe. Read more about Security of Wanderwatch and how it is designed to keep your child (data) safe.

Kids running, wearing Wanderwatch smartwatch for kids

Outdoor play is essential in childhood development

Everybody knows this. Apart from exercise, outdoor play improves motor skills, collaboration, communication, risk assessment, imagination and a lot more. Things you benefit from during your entire life!

Send doodle chats with your Wanderwatch smartwatch for kids

Best value: The Wanderwatch Starterkit

Keep your kids safe and connected with Wifi, Bluetooth and 3G during a magical playtime. Know where they are and what they’re doing through messaging and GPS, using the free parents’ app. Your little ones will love the sound functions, team-up wrist-bump and the added magic beacon. A light and comfortable wear combined with a high-contrast touch screen make this product your child’s new favorite thing.  Discover more

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