Gamify outdoors

Give your kids a happy and healthy future

The only option that Wanderwatch can see is to gamify outdoors!

Rediscover the bond between nature and childhood

Welcome your kids into the connected world while they enjoy the experience of mud between their toes and the sunshine on their foreheads. Wanderwatch keeps yours kids bonded with nature and connected to you.

Today, our kids are in danger of loosing that connection. We often hear terms like global warming and danger to describe the natural world, combined with stress and obesity to describe childhood. This comes as no surprise given that children of developed nations spend on more than 90 % of their time indoors. And even though there are real and valuable benefits to the technology and information that they consuming, we, as parents, must create a better balance for them.

For all human history, childhood and nature have shared a deep bond. This bond benefited, childhood, by offering rich and healthy learning experiences. And it benefited nature, by ensuring our love and connection to our natural world. It was a singular mutually beneficial experience.

The only option that wanderwatch can see is to gamify outdoors by enhancing the experience of playing outside with technology.

The future of our planet and our kid’s health, safety and happiness depend on rediscovering the bond between nature and childhood.

Time to Play!