Wanderwatch chat

Chat any way you like

The Wanderwatch chat screen is very easy to use

Stay in touch with the family

One of the most important thing of being further apart is the ability to communicate. We have grown accustomed to send short messages, like when we are coming home. Wanderwatch has extensive chat functionalities for sending messages to/from parents and friends with Wanderwatches.

The Wanderwatch chat icon. The red dot indicates new messages are available  chat application can be started with the chat icon on the         main screen of the watch. If there are unread messages, a red dot will appear on the icon. The message thread with the latest message is always shown first when you start the app.

Use the context menu to send doodles, voice or text messages

Creating your first message

To create your first message, double tap on the screen to show the context menu. If you prefer you can also press and hold the back button on the right side of the watch until you feel a short vibration. The context menu shows 3 options:

  • The flower will allow you to create a doodle message. 

  • The microphone will allow you to send a voice message

  • The text icon will allow you the dictate a message that will be translated to text. You can change the text by tapping on it before sending.

You can only send messages to your parents or friends with a Wanderwatch

Selecting a contact

When you start the app, the screen shows all message thread. Messages sent to mom are in a different thread than messages sent to dad.

If you want to send a message to dad you have 2 options:

  • Open the context menu (see previous item) and select the message you want to send. If you are not in a thread, Wanderwatch will ask to whom you would like to send your message. You will get a screen similar to the one on the left

  • First press the thread with messages of dad and then open the context menu. Now Wanderwatch knows you want to send a message to dad, so it will not ask you.

Record voice messages easily

Sending a voice message

Sending a voice message is easy. Select the microphone from the context menu and tap it. When it starts recording, the icon changes from black or white to red or yellow depending on the appearance 

Once you are done with your recording, press the microphone again. If you want to send it, open the context menu and press the paper plane icon. You can also press the bin if you want to delete the recording and start over.

Let Wanderwatch do the writing for you. Just dictate what you want to write

Dictating a text message

If you rather send a text message, you don't have to type it all. Instead just say what you want to send and Wanderwatch will write it down for you. Very convenient. And if something was not quite right, you can correct it using the keyboard. 

Once done, open the context menu and press the paper plane to send the message.

Sending doodles is fun! Can you think of your own secret codes?

Send a doodle!

Perhaps the coolest way to send a message is by making a doodle. Send a quick message by writing something. Or make a secret language with your friends!

Once you are done, open the context menu and press the paper plane to send the message.

For sending, just press the paper plane

Sending messages

Wanderwatch will only send messages if you want to. So when you are done writing or drawing your message, don't forget to actually send it! Press the paper plane to send it or the bin to delete it. 

If you don't want to send the message, you can press the arrow to go back to the previous menu.