Wanderwatch games

Ignite your imagination

Outdoor play is important for kids. This is why Wanderwatch has designed a smartwatch for outdoor play. It is not just staring at yet another screen, but outdoors this time. Wanderwatch features some truly unique outdoor games, which put the child at the center of gameplay. Let them ignite their imagination and with a few simple games, we have seen kids playing and running outdoors all day long.

Screen shot Wanderwatch balance the ball

Balance the ball

Keep the ball from touching the outer ring. When you start the game, you will hear a countdown of 5 seconds, followed by a whistle. Once the whistle sounds, the ball is free.

Keep it in the middle as good as you can. It might be easy when you sit at the table, but can you also do it running or climbing an obstacle? Raise your challenge and you will have a lot of fun!

Screen shot Wanderwatch sound effects

Sound effects

The sound effects app adds a lot to your play. How about a siren that turns your bike into a police car? Or sword sounds that turn a stick into a sword?

Click on the image of the "Sound Effects" link to explore the sound effects app in detail

Screen shot Wanderwatch treasure hunt game

Find the treasure

The Wanderwatch starter kit comes with a Magic Beacon. They will add a lot of fun to Wanderwatch.

How about a hot or cold game? Use your imagination to hide the Magic Beacon. Is it a treasure? You decide!