Hot or cold game

Play it with your friends!

One of the secret ingredients of Wanderwatch is the Magic Beacon. The Magic Beacon is a stone that sends out a signal. This signal can be used by Wanderwatch to determine the approximate location. There are some things you need to know when playing the hot or cold game.

The hot or cold game screen

When you start the hot or cold game, you will see a screen like the one above. When the Wanderwatch picks up a signal, you will hear a sonar ping sound and the minute/second counter is reset to 0. There are 3 values you can see:

  • Cold - You are still pretty far out. Keep looking!

  • Closing in - Good news, you are getting closer. Also look around you if you can spot the beacon

  • Hot! - Ok you are really close! Look around and find it!

  Move slowly and walk in circles: It may seem easy to do, but there are a few things you should know. The signal might be blocked or weakened by your body. So keep the watch in front of you and walk slowly in circles. When the sound plays, you are probably looking into the right direction. Take a few steps forward and turn around slowly again.

 Do not cover the magic beacon: Hiding the beacon is ok, but be sure that it can still send out a signal. If you hide it too well (like in a rabbit hole) the signal is blocked and probably only picked up when you are really close!

Configuring the Magic Beacon

The Wanderwatch will need to know what beacon to look for. Therefore, you could be presented the following screen:

Please fill in the beacon digits. To find them, take your Magic Beacon. On the back there is "MiniBeacon_00000". Enter the five digits in the screen and press the thumb up button. Now your Wanderwatch knows what to look for!

Turning the Magic Beacon on

When the watch is close to the Magic Beacon, it should see it quickly. If there is no reading, it could be that the Magic Beacon has to be turned on. To this, find the button on the right side, marked with 4 small dots. Press and hold it until you see a continuous blue light for a few seconds next to the button. To turn the beacon off, press and hold the button again until you see the blue button flash a couple of times.