Change Wanderwatch settings

Wanderwatch needs some configuration. These are the screens
Change Wanderwatch colors. Give it a spin or click on an icon to change the face

Change Wanderwatch appearance

Spin the wheel by swiping left or right at the top or the bottom to change the colors of the screen. The topmost icon is automatically selected. Wait a bit and see the watch colors change to the one you have selected. All screens are now in the colors that you want.

Set the magic beacon

Magic beacon configuration

Double tap on the numbers (default all zeroes) and type the number that is located on the bottom of the Magic Beacon. Press the thumbs up and head over to the "Hot or Cold" game to try find your Magic Beacon!

QR configuration screen

QR Code

This is an important screen. It is automatically started when the watch first starts and it is not configured yet. Scan it with the parent's app and complete registration. The watch will automatically download user details and restarts when done.

Note : Keep the this screen activated during the entire registration process. After scanning, it will automatically download some important data from the server.