Sound Effects App

Enrich your gameplay

Playing sound effects

The sound effect app add a lot of sounds to your fingertips. Learn how to use it and we are sure you will have a lot of fun with it. When starting the app you will see the following screen. There are different categories and sounds. Basically there are 3 options:

  • Submenus - Tapping an icon will show a submenu with more sounds. The funny sounds or the police sounds are examples of this. You can choose a sound in the submenu and when you want you can go back by pressing the back button on the right side of the watch or by pressing the big icon in the center of the screen

  • Motion activated sounds - When you tap these sounds you will see the black or white icon is replaced by a red or yellow one, depending on the appearance. You don't hear any sound yet. Now move your arm. The sounds start playing! Examples are the magic stick and the sword sounds.

  • Continuous sounds - Continuous sounds keep on playing until you press the button again. Examples are the horse sounds or the police sirens

Combining sound effects

Some sounds can be combined to make them even more cool. For example you can sound the horn when the police siren is already on. Just press the horns a few times and your friends can hear you are in a real hurry, on your way to an imaginary emergency!

Different sounds

It would be a bit boring if you always hear the same sound. That is why we have added different sound bytes for certain effects, especially the funny effects. Press the burp button and Wanderwatch plays a burp. Press it again and you will hear a different one. Press it again and you will even hear a third one! This surely makes a good laugh, especially when your timing is perfect.

Outdoor use

The sounds effects like the police siren are quite loud. Your parents probably want you to take it outdoors!