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Designed for kids of age 6 to 11

Wanderwatch is not just a smartwatch. It is the first smartwatch for outdoor play, designed for children. With a menu system that is easy to understand, even if you can't read.

Curious? Scroll down to find out what you can do with Wanderwatch!

Sound effects 

The Wanderwatch sound effects are a lot of fun. Turn your bike into a Police car with the sirens or turn a stick into a sword by activating the sword sounds and moving your arm. Other sounds are:


  • Horse steps

  • Magic stick (when moving your arm)

  • Sword sounds (when moving your arm)


  • 2 different siren sounds

  • Starting car

  • Horn


  • Laughter (multiple variation)

  • Burp sounds (multiple variations)

  • Fart sounds (multiple variations)

  • Applause

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Light and comfortable to wear

Fits any wrist

Wanderwatch - Smartwatch for outdoor play

Why we developed Wanderwatch

 We started developing Wanderwatch late 2014. We could see kids spending more time indoors. In the US, the average kid spends 7 hours a day behind the screen as opposed to 7 minutes outdoors. People are not made to be inside all day. Wanderwatch aims to bring the fun of computer games outdoors.